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Create high-engagement, high-achievement, virtual talent, mid-career staff, next-gen leaders, development tools, training, resources, best management practices, Radiance Resources , Management, Leaders, Influencers.

Management Support for Leaders & Influencers


Develop Your Leaders to Rise up & Bring Others with Them


Where will your next leaders come from?

How do you invest in your team’s strategic agility?
What opportunities exist for your experienced mid-career contributors?
How will you engage, retain and promote your digital nomads; both early career and the accomplished?

Where do you need support?

💬 Mentor Training? 💬 Experiential Seminars? 💬 Strategic Agility Planning ? 💬 Research? 💬 Vision to Action Programming?

Leadership Development is Essential - Management Support and Resources for Leaders & Influencers. Where will your next leaders come from? Next gen & mid-career leadership

Leadership development is essential, and we have a straight forward design to expand your team's confidence and experience.

Tools to help you, your leaders & those they lead - level up.
Because success is contagious.


Advancing Leaders & Elevating Followers

Radiance Resources supports Managers, Directors, Visionaries, and Influencers with Professional Development Tools, Resources, to improve current tools, Financial agility, OKR’s & KPI’s.

Create career success across generations by investing in professional skills. Achieve sustained growth - Career, Success, Skill

Elevate Talent & Advance Leaders Products

How can leaders empower the potential in others?
How can I become a better leader to those I lead? How can I produce teams to achieve?

Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

Goal Setting Framework asking What do you want your team to accomplish?

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Effectively accomplish the goal simply asking How will you know the goal is accomplished?


Create high engagement for today's proximal & virtual workforce.


Leadership Career Skills


Support your teams’ career & personal development.

Customized strategic agility for clear career progression.

Employees become focused, savvy, contributing leaders today for an equitable workforce.

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The Talent Tool Kit

Train & Retain
Today & Tomorrow’s Leaders
multi-generational, reciprocal investments for lasting outcomes


Upgrade your organization’s culture, productivity & future.

For use by Managers, influencers, and visionaries. For use by Professional Associations and their members.
For use by Student Support and Academic leaders advising emerging professional students.
Leaders add value when they advance others.

Simple Solutions - Proven Outcomes