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Innovative Business Development focused; We are your collaborative retention-focused partner.

We address wanted deliverables based on your goals, successfully, to solve persistent issues. We partner with you to build activities to meet and exceed your expectations, strengthening your team (internal and cross-functional) to deliver high-quality experiences for your customer.

We support leaders focused on retention. Together, we can cultivate team partnership, equity, enriching active listening, and open communication with fruitful results.

We help you increase daily productivity when you invest in your team members self - care alongside career development planning. We help you identify Cost Savings, Cost Avoidance, and Cost-effectiveness to justify your teams’ Professional Development financially.

We ignite leaders to establish new pathways in career development; while being mindful of your organization's strategic agility and goals.

If you're a leader, manager, or influencer searching for ways to open doors for others - you need to talk with Radiance Resources.

Radiance Resources has collaborated with Higher Education College of Business, Career Services, and Diversity & Inclusion leaders and faculty, Community Service partners, and small groups interested in Professional Development.


Delivering Agility. Consistently Flexible. Purposely Engaged.


Carole Burton, Radiance Resources

Advancing Leaders & Elevating Followers

“Carole has a natural talent for engaging her audience.” Hamid Akbari, Ph.D. - College of Business Dean

About Carole Burton

Carole brings a nuanced approach to building your team to be the best in their leadership and collaborative skills. Carole’s experience includes:

✐ Creating meaningful vendor/customer relationships; understanding all aspects of Operations & Quality Assurance through the lens of Sales and Procurement.

✐ Forging fiscally sound partnerships.

✐ Learning the value of mentorship among colleagues, peers, students, executives.

✐ Leads various types of presentations in the workplace, community groups, and academic audiences.

Carole’s education includes a B.S. in Human Resources Management, a Masters in Leadership Studies, Agile certified, with a rich history in philanthropy.


“Since my mentoring experience with Carole, I choose to have a leadership mentality and be an example on my day-day life. In the workplace, I’m the main trainer of my team - so I’m tasked with leading other employees to success. In addition, I’m apart the activities group at work so I’m at the forefront of our building and work with that various individuals across various teams. My leadership flow tends to be straight-forward but very inviting/open so people can reach out to me without hesitation.” Early - Career Professional, Supply Chain - Network Steering Specialist, Retail Consumables


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Carole Burton, Radiance Resources