Carole Burton


Advancing Leaders. Elevating Followers.

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Carole offers a nuanced approach building you and your team to be the best in leading, in a collaborative method with business and financial agility to the workplace. With insight and wit, Carole believes in fortifying deep partnerships, delivering wanted outcomes. Today.

Carole’s experience includes:

✐ Creating meaningful relationships.

✐ Appreciating the impact of mentoring.

✐ Developing the art of Sales, authentically with ethics.

✐ Translating how Operations & Supply Chain Management shapes the purchasing to vendor relationship.

✐ Adapting a B.S. in Human Resources Management, embodying a Masters in Leadership Studies, absorbing an Agile certification & Lean methodologies.


“Carole has a natural talent for engaging her audience.” Hamid Akbari, Ph.D. - College of Business Dean

Delivering Agility. Consistently Flexible. Purposely Engaged.


Carole Burton Speaks

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“Since my mentoring experience with Carole, I choose to have a leadership mentality and be an example on my day-day life. In the workplace, I’m the main trainer of my team - so I’m tasked with leading other employees to success. In addition, I’m apart the activities group at work so I’m at the forefront of our building and work with that various individuals across various teams. My leadership flow tends to be straight-forward but very inviting/open so people can reach out to me without hesitation.” Early - Career Professional, Supply Chain, Retail Consumables