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Innovative Business Development focused; We are your collaborative retention-focused partner.

We address wanted deliverables, successfully solve persistent issues, partner with you to build activities to meet and exceed your expectations, strengthening your team (internal and cross-functional) to deliver high-quality experiences for your customer.

We ignite leaders to establish new pathways in career development; while being mindful of your organization's financial agility and goals.

We can help you increase in daily productivity. Your investment in employee self - care alongside career development planning can cultivate team partnership, equity, enriching active listening, and open communication with fruitful results.

We support leaders focused on retention. If you're a leader, mid-level manager, or influencer searching for ways to open doors for others - you need to talk with Radiance Resources.

Radiance Resources has collaborated with Higher Education College of Business, Career Services, and Diversity & Inclusion leaders and faculty, Community Service partners, and small groups interested in Professional Development.


Delivering Agility. Consistently Flexible. Purposely Engaged.


Carole Burton, Radiance Resources

Advancing Leaders & Elevating Followers

“Carole has a natural talent for engaging her audience.” Hamid Akbari, Ph.D. - College of Business Dean

About Carole Burton

Carole brings a nuanced approach to building your team to be the best in their leadership and collaborative skills. Carole’s experience includes:

✐ Creating meaningful vendor/customer relationships; understanding all aspects of Operations & Quality Assurance through the lens of Sales and Procurement.

✐ Forging fiscally sound partnerships.

✐ Learning the value of mentorship among colleagues, peers, students, executives.

✐ Leads various types of presentations in the workplace, community groups, and academic audiences.

Carole’s education includes a B.S. in Human Resources Management, a Masters in Leadership Studies, Agile certified, with a rich history in philanthropy.


Are you interested in hosting an inspirational or a lively presentation? Let’s chat! Contact Carole at


Carole Burton, Radiance Resources