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Leading |
Early Career Professionals


New talent challenges us.

New talent helps managers build teams, contributing new ideas. Are we listening?


What happens if…

We follow Next-Gen Workers’ demands that leads us where we need to go?


Your new talent is eager to know that their presence and input are valued.


Leadership Development;
A Broader Audience

Early Career professionals want to take on more.
Consider opening leadership pipelines sooner.


For College, Tech & Skilled Trade:
Pre - Career Professionals

We support students; aligning Career Services, with Academic or Trade Advisers.

πŸŽ“We Offer Strategic Planning projects addressing Recruitment and Retention towards graduation success.

πŸŽ“We Partner with Career Services to successfully interact with Academic Faculty advisers, enhancing the student’s experience.

πŸŽ“ We Facilitate seminar programs for Internship, Externship and innovative experiential resources.

πŸŽ“ We Provide workplace preparation programs in leadership development before entering the professional workforce.

Students, new Professionals, Gen X, Gen Y, Leadership pipeline, development, tools, skills, resources, engagement
I have enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions of someone who has gone through what I am currently going through. I have also been able to work on goals with Carole for my future after college which has built my confidence and encouraged me to develop my goals further.
— Pre-Career Professional - Marketing Major, Training & Development Minor, β€˜2020, Active Undergraduate

For Employers :
Early Career Professionals

We set the stage for career success initially, skilling first time professionals.

New Workers , Gen X, Gen Y , New Worker Leadership pipeline, development, tools, skills, resources, engagement

πŸ’» We Offer Peer Mentoring Programs for First Time professionals during the initial two years with metrics.

πŸ’» We Present Workplace Introduction seminars of company culture, and practices, focusing on career path and retention.

πŸ’» We Provide a Skills and Tools webinar engaging active listening, active observation, and collaboration.

A life lesson that I gained and continue to use is to always be networking and thinking about how my connections can help me with my professional goals. When I was applying for jobs, I’d look at the connections I had on LinkedIn and would reach out to ask questions and gain advice. I definitely learned that networking is very important and helpful but also that you never know when the connections you have may come in handy!
— Early - Career Professional - Digital Media & Event Coordinator, Retail, Consumables

Custom Research |
to Support your Workplace Development Endeavors

1. Data and resources for leaders interacting with Next Gen Talent, let us source useful information.
2. Support for content creators who need help in gathering or creating program information.
3. For leaders who need an outside source to create program & strategic planning content.

For organization leaders needing resources and information.