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Leading Early Career Professionals to Success


New talent challenges us to take our onboarding and leadership-pipeline practices to a new level.

New talent helps the manager accurately articulate how people build teams and contribute ideas - even during the early stages of their career - how they discover opportunities, participate, and get recognized.


Offering Professional Development to first time professionals new to the workplace.

What if Next-Gen Workers’ demands get us where we need to go? What if both unspoken and outspoken expectations make your workplace a better place to work? What if we, as leaders, embrace the possibility that new talent brings our way?


Radiance Resources works beside you to strengthen what you already do well & empowers what you’re ready to master.

Your early career staff want to feel connected. Your new talent is eager to know that their presence and input are valued.


Leadership Development Provided to a Broader Audience

Early Career professionals to the workplace are eager to take on more. You can open leadership pipelines to develop individuals new to the workforce. Take your staff, students, leaders, and managers to the next level with skills and tools that engage.


For Post Secondary, Tech & Skilled Trade -

Pre - Career Professionals

Support students through the collaborative measures of Academic Advisers, Career Services, Tech, Skill Trade Associations.

🎓Increase Retention success for Pre Career professionals within current student content curriculum.

🎓Engagement with Career Services, Faculty, Skill Trade Professional Affiliates and Student Support staff throughout the student’s field of study.

🎓Interactive seminars for campus leadership and peer training content.

🎓Internship, Externship and innovative experiential resources to assist workplace preparation intended to expand leadership development meeting the needs of those new and entering the professional workforce segments.

Students, new Professionals, Gen X, Gen Y, Leadership pipeline, development, tools, skills, resources, engagement

🎓Partnering with Faculty advisers, Career Services Staff, and Skilled Trade Professional Associations; connecting program and workplace entry preparation concentrations when advising students towards Internships, Apprenticeships, Externships, and Job Search Preparation.

🎓Collaborative Strategic Planning into Action practices ensuring higher Retention rates.

Radiance Resources, is your go-to partner for original and custom development for new Professionals in their leadership development for high engagement.

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions of someone who has gone through what I am currently going through. I have also been able to work on goals with Carole for my future after college which has built my confidence and encouraged me to develop my goals further.”

Pre-Career Professional - Marketing Major, Training & Development Minor, ‘2020, Active Undergraduate


For Employers -

Early Career Professionals

Set the stage for success when onboarding, integrating and skilling first time professionals for success in the workplace.

Sharpen Early Career Professionals workplace social dexterity skills

New Workers , Gen X, Gen Y , New Worker Leadership pipeline, development, tools, skills, resources, engagement

💻 Mentor First Time professionals during their initial years upon workplace entry, supporting their knowledge post license, certification, and or graduation.

💻Introduce the Early Career professional to the organization’s language, culture, expectations and practices with a focus on the employee feeling respected and valued; becoming an admired future leader.

💻Increase cross-functional skills with clear expectations, opportunities and engagement challenges. New Workers are eager to take on more. Open leadership pipelines to develop individuals new to the workforce and take your new talent, leaders and managers to the next level with skills and tools that engage.

💻Implement peer mentoring with sequential, measurable steps.

💻Facilitate cross-generation engagement.

Radiance Resources is your go-to partner for original and custom staff development for talent that will increase daily productivity, engagement and outcomes with original and custom staff development programs.


“A life lesson that I gained and continue to use is to always be networking and thinking about how my connections can help me with my professional goals. When I was applying for jobs, I'd look at the connections I had on LinkedIn and would reach out to ask questions and gain advice. I definitely learned that networking is very important and helpful but also that you never know when the connections you have may come in handy!”

Early - Career Professional - Digital Media & Event Coordinator, Retail, Consumables


Custom Research | to Support your Business Endeavors

1. Data and resources for leaders who are time-starved. When it comes to leading Next Gen Talent, Radiance Resources is your source for gathering custom data and research information.
2. Support for content creators who need help in gathering or creating program information.
3. For leaders who need an outside source to create high-engagement, high-outcome program content.

For organization leaders needing resources and information