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How engaged is your virtual team?

Marginally invested?
Highly committed?

Road warriors, digital-nomads, virtual staff, Radiance Resources understand what managers and employees are juggling in the re-imagined, workplace.

We have an innovative process to help you & your staff thrive.


Leading a Virtual Team

Individual Development & performance justification for advancement.

Retain and enhance virtual engagement.

Virtual Team | Savvy Leader supports:

Established Professional engagement and support.

Effective best practices ensures virtual employees are respected, and heard consistently.

Practical Virtual Employee - Manager relationship framework.

Safety and physical ergonomic support in the work place environment.


Managing a Virtual Team

Managerial level support for those responsible for remote & virtual teams.

Maximize the reimagined workplace.

Virtual Team | Savvy Manager supports:

 ⇦ Managers located at headquarters or are remote.

 ⇦ Effective best practices ensures virtual employees feel they are part of the company.

 ⇦ Tools for workplace integration, and career advancement.

 ⇦ Integrating on-site safety and ergonomic practices; alignment ensures an optimal work environment.


Facilitating Forward Thinking Progress

AI, blockchain, and process improvement practices shapes how employees participate in the re-imagined workplace.

Research R us - Research for Virtual Leaders and Managers creating highly committed virtual teams in a re-imagined, virtual environment

Custom Research |
to Support your Virtual Workplace Endeavors

1. For Data and resources for leaders. We find practical frameworks supporting virtual teams.
2. We support Content creators needing help creating programs.
3. For leaders who need an outside source wanting new ways to thrive in their market.