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“Do we live in answers or are we open to exploring in questions?”

Claire Zammit, Ph.D. - Feminine Power

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“When I met my mentor as a sophomore in college, I was not prepared to be prompted to step out of my comfort zone. Having a mentor enabled me to gain leadership skills.

I learned to cultivate myself as a young professional in the business world. A new person entering the job market will have many questions. I cannot understate the value of a mentor who can provide insight; to help them navigate the beginning of their career.” Early-Career Professional - Info Tech Specialist, Post Secondary, Higher Education

Leaders, Managers, elevate, retain talent through mentoring, benefits of mentorship, an investment with a big payoff and far-reaching benefits , mentoring, mentorship in the workplace

Professional Development: Mentorship in your Organization

Is it time to redefine Mentorship in your organization to retain & elevate your workforce?


“When I mentor others, I learn about my strengths and weaknesses. What I take for granted, what I can improve on in order to facilitate others.” Early - Career Professional, Industrial Manufacturing Buyer


Discover a new definition of mentorship.

Who: An individual possessing specific expertise, encouraging another who is also interested in that expertise. Mentorship.

What: Talented individuals, together, examine and develop desired personal or professional skills and talents with personal and professional outcomes. Mentorship.

How: Reaching for and attaining an intended goal, or wanted skill through a confidential, mutual, interaction based up trust, and empathy. Mentorship.


Discover: What it means to be a mentor, a mentee, peer mentoring and reciprocal mentorships.

Learn about the benefits mentorship offers both leaders and followers, and why making time for one another is an investment with a big payoff. Discuss how the impact of mentoring runs two-ways, and the far-reaching benefits of mentoring.

Think about how the Mentoring relationship is a continuous conversation addressing a specific question or intended goal.

Consider how will you as a leader, manager, or visionary invest in your team’s power to mentor and be mentored.


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