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Welcome! Learn about new frameworks, ideas & self- care for your career pursuits.

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Disruptive tools enhancing what you already use.


Strategy Mindset Disruptor: Download to learn about how to level up the SWOT model with LISA.

Development Process Explained: Understand what happens when you move through a major change or shift in your career and life.


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The Talent Tool Kit Model

What happens when you are a leader, follower, mentor, or mentee?
What do you learn about yourself as you move through each one?
And how we need to use partner with others in collaboration because we can only do so much alone.

Discover elements of your essence in understanding Leadership, Followership, Mentorship, and Collaboration.

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Leadershipis a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.” (Northouse, 2018, p.6)

Leadership Resources: What type of Leaders am I?

Learn more from Peter Northouse.
Northouse, P. G. (2018). Leadership: Theory and practice. (8th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

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Followership Followership is the study of how we interact, encouraging engagement to exercise judgment, contribute with competence, hence becoming that trusted, go-to person for the leader. (Burton, C. 2018)

Followership Resources How can I follow powerfully?

Forbes Council member Timothy J. Giardino discusses the importance of Followership for 2019

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Mentorship is a process where an individual possesses specific expertise encourages another who is interested in that expertise engage in taking action through confidential, mutual interactions based upon trust and empathy. (Burton, C. 2018)

Mentorship Resources Why do I need to mentor others?

Michael Gill & Thomas Roulet offer how mentoring a colleague may decrease stress.

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Collaboration is a mutually engaged process whereby at least two parties interact sharing information, and responsibilities while applying open communication skills to successfully accomplish a task. (Burton, C. 2018)

Collaboration Resources How can we effectively collaborate?

Elizabeth Lyle presents a Ted Talk suggesting a new approach supporting aspiring managers to lead differently as the workplace continues to evolve.


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Career Stage Resources

Virtual, Remote, Road Warriors

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How do Virtual and remote colleagues continue to outperform traditional working environments? Learn from Brian de Haaff’s perspective.

Chris Proulx provides insight into successful collaboration within virtual teams.



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Are you a Mid-Level Manager ? Check out Roop Bhumbra, Head of Talent Development of Hays PLC from the global recruitment outlook.

RiseSmart Blog contributor, Laura Olert offers perspective to help Mid-Career Employees .


Pre & Early Career

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Discover what field of study iGens are exploring and why as they prepare for the ‘Real World’ from Bloomberg Opinion.

Check out a thought provoking TEDx article and video by Daniella Balarezo on 7 things everyone in college should do will in college that can help them in the future