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Carole Burton, Radiance Resources

Innovative Development Partner

Advancing Leaders | Elevating Followers

Radiance Resources LLC exists to provide Professional Development agility, supporting mid-level leaders to experience success in leading teams.

We partner with you strengthening what you do well, design anew what is not working to empower you for what you're ready to master.

We help you effectively connect with each team member creating a viable performance road map, elevating their acumen, financial agility, and thought-leadership.

We discuss pathways to increase daily productivity when you invest in your team members self-care, while identifying Cost Savings, and Cost-effectiveness.

We value experience, communication, and transparency to sustain satisfaction, retention, productivity, strategic agility, with insight as a leader.

We are your collaborative,
retention-focused partner.


If you are searching for ways to open doors for others,
you need to talk with Radiance Resources.

Radiance Resources has collaborated with Mid-Level Managers in Higher Education, The Trades Service Institutions, Career Services, The workplace, Mentoring-driven organizations, Diversity, Inclusion & Equity leaders, and Community Service partners interested in Professional Development.

Delivering Agility.
Consistently Flexible.
Purposely Engaged.